2020-2021 OMTA Auditions and Competitions Guide

2020-2021 OMTA Auditions and Competitions Guide 


District Achievement Auditions

  • Will tentatively be held in person but could be moved online if the pandemic persists into the spring months. Each center will make the decision to move online independently on a case-by-case basis with the guidance of the OMTA Auditions and Competitions Committee
  • There are three important dates for this year’s auditions: 
    • Registration deadline
    • Video upload deadline
    • Live audition date
  • The video deadline will be earlier than the originally planned live audition in the event that we are forced online. The sheer number of district entrants requires that we build in additional time to process the video uploads. So, PLEASE plan to have your students’ pieces performance-ready at least one week prior to the tentative live audition. 
  • We plan to announce whether each center will be held online before each district’s entry deadline. Check the OMTA website for updates.
  • A printable “organize your entry form” has been designed to help you collect audition information from your students before registering them. Visit the Members Only tab of the OMTA website to download the form.
  • Reminder: All sales are final for District Achievement Auditions. No refunds will be given. You may only receive a refund for District if your student receives a score of two or lower and does not proceed to the State Audition. The refund form for students not qualifying for state can be found under the Members Only section of the OMTA website.
  • Once a teacher submits a District/State entry form, no changes can be made. Previously, changes to theory level would be accepted after the deadline. That is no longer the case. Check your entries carefully for correct theory level, spelling, grade, etc. If a repertoire violation is found by a District Achievement Chair, then the teacher will be given the opportunity to change the composition.

State Achievement

A similar plan for holding the State Achievement Audition online is in place, but we are on course to have the audition in person at The University of Oklahoma. All state dates (schedule posting, changes, etc) have been listed on the website.  

Audition date: May 21-22, 2021

State Achievement Awards

  • Due to the uncertainty of whether or not we will have a live State Achievement Audition in May of 2021, the I+ trophies typically awarded to elementary, middle school, and ninth through eleventh grade will be replaced with gold medals for 2021. Senior trophies will still be awarded to twelfth-grade students who receive a rating of I+. This will allow OMTA to easily distribute the awards if the State Achievement Audition has to switch from an in-person event to a video submission event.
  • Merit Division plaques will be awarded instead of trophies (once again, for easy distribution if the competition moves online)
  • There are now online forms for the Clarence Burg, James Breckenridge, Claudia Busse, and Theory Progress Awards. Please visit the Members Only tab and State Awards page to find these forms
  • For state achievement long-term awards such as the James M. Breckenridge Award, Clarence Burg Award, OMTA Theory Progress Award, and Claudia Busse Award, students have been given a "bye" year for the year 2020 due to COVID-19. Please see the state awards page for COVID information specific to each award.

MTNA Competitions 

The Music Teachers National Association has requested that the fall MTNA competitions be held online. We are honoring that request and will not have an in-person state audition. 

The registration deadline: 3 P.M. Eastern Time, September 16, 2020

The video upload deadline: November 1, 2020

The OMTA Collegiate Auditions will be held in person at Edmond Music Studio, a recital hall run by the Edmond Music Co. However, the competition may be moved online if the pandemic worsens this fall.  

Audition Dates: Saturday, Oct. 31- Sunday, November 1 

Location: Edmond Music Studio Recital Hall (3400 S. Broadway, Edmond, OK)

Video upload deadline (if live auditions are canceled): 11:59 p.m. September 30, 2020

OMTA Composition Festival will continue online as usual. Entry deadline November 1, 2020.


OMTA Junior Competitions

Check the OMTA website for your region’s audition date

  • Reminder: all junior competitions now take place in the spring
  • Reminder: there is no longer a winners recital on the day of the competition, but students will have the option to perform on the state conference recital
  • In the event that the live competitions must be canceled due to COVID19, the competition will be moved online, via video submission with the competition date serving as the video deadline. Watch the website for updates and guidelines.

OMTA Senior and Marilyn Whitcher Competitions

Audition date: April 24, 2021

Entry deadline: April 9

Location: OSU, Stillwater - McKnight Center Recital Hall 

  • Reminder: There is no longer a preliminary round—only one competition
  • In the event that the live competition at OSU must be canceled due to COVID19, the competition will be moved online, via video submission with the competition date serving as the video deadline. Watch the website for updates and guidelines.