Senior Competition


The purpose of the Senior Competition is to give students the opportunity to perform in a competitive event that will allow those students who exhibit a sufficient level of performance skill to be selected as a Finalist and advance to the Senior Competition Finals. 

Competitors may enter either of the following sites (but not both):

Competition Date:
February 23, 2019
Site #1: Tulsa University-Lorton Music Building
Online Entry Deadline: February 9, 2019, 11:59pm
Chair: Beverly Fitch
1704 S 2st Pl
Broken Arrow, OK 74012
[email protected]


Competition Date:
February 16, 2019
Site #2: Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee
Online Entry Deadline: February 2, 2019, 11:59pm
Chair: Ron Lewis
600 Pool Place
Shawnee, OK 74801
[email protected]


Please note that all Finalists are required to compete in the Finals held at McFarlin Memorial United Methodist Church, 419 South University Blvd, Norman, Oklahoma.

Voice Finals -"tentative date"-April 26
Piano Finals-- April 27

Winners are required to perform on one of two Winners Recitals to be held at the  2019 State Conference at the University of Central Oklahoma. (May 31-June 1)
Entry Fee: $30.00 (No refund will be given for entry fees if the competition must be cancelled due to inclement weather.)


(Revised July 26, 2016)
1. It is the responsibility of the teacher to abide by all posted rules of the competition and to inform students and their parents of their obligation to follow the rules as stated below. Failure to do so could result in disqualification or allowing the student to play for critique only.
2. Entrants must be in school grades 9-12 at the time of the competition and may enter in piano, voice, and orchestral instruments.
3. Teachers may enter students for critique only.
4. OMTA teachers entering students should be in good standing and pay their dues prior to June 30. 
a. Teachers paying dues after June 30 must pay a one time late fee of $25.00 (payable to OMTA) and must be paid with submission of entry form(s) unless it was paid for a previous competition/audition during the current fiscal year.
b. A first time OMTA/MTNA member must pay state and national dues by the entry deadline of the Senior Competition. 
c. Non-OMTA members may enter students by paying an annual fee of $120 by the entry deadline.
5. The non-refundable student entry fee is $30 for each performance category and may be paid on- line or by check. Checks should be made payable to OMTA and included with a copy of the on-line entry form.
a. The fee for a returned check marked insufficient funds is $15. An entrant will not be permitted to perform in the competition until the entry fee and returned check charge have been paid by money order to the OMTA treasurer.
6. Teachers may enter students in either of the two sites offered, but not both.
7. Both the form and payment must be received or postmarked by the online entry deadline or the entry will not be accepted. No exceptions.
8. Students and parents may not contact the competition or finals chair, VP of Audition and Competitions or any OMTA Board Member.
9. The Senior Competition and the Senior Finals Competition are open to the public. However, audio and video recording violates copyright laws and is not permitted at any OMTA competition or performance event.

1. All entrants are required to perform two works that are contrasting in the styles* described below: 
a. One piece from the Baroque or Classical Period, and 
b. One piece from either the Romantic, Impressionistic, or Contemporary Period.
*To define style, consult the MTNA Repertoire List, The New Groves Dictionary of Music and Musicians, Guide to the Pianist's Repertoire (through 4th edition) by Maurice Hinson/Wesley Roberts, or The Pianist's Guide to Standard Teaching Literature by Jane Magrath.
2. There is no minimum performance time. Entrants will not be disqualified for exceeding the maximum performance time which is 15 minutes.
3. Piano and voice must perform 2 memorized solos. 
4. Instrumentalists must perform 2 solos. There is no memorization requirement.
5. Repertoire written with accompaniment must be performed with an accompanist. Computer generated tapes and CD accompaniments are not permitted. Teachers may accompany their own students.
6. Multi-movements from a multi-movement work will be accepted as one composition. All variations must be performed in a theme and variation work. Compositions may not be cut except for dot repeats. First endings may be cut following a D.S. or D.C. repeat.
7. Both pieces must be performed at the initial Senior Competition. Entrants selected as finalists will perform both pieces at the Senior Finals Competition.
8. A student may not enter repertoire he/she has previously performed on an OMTA State Conference Program.
9. Repertoire may not be changed 7 days past the entry deadline.
10. Pianists are allowed a one minute warm-up in the competition room before performing for the adjudicator(s).
11. Pianists may not perform works for 'prepared piano'.

1. Entrants must provide the original score for the adjudicator. Identifying names of the teacher/student on the score should be covered or removed from the music. Measure numbers should appear at the beginning of each line.
a. Computer generated scores must have proof of purchase or written permission from the composer. This letter of permission must be presented at the competition.
b. Xerox copies of the score or transpositions by hand/machine may not be used by performers or accompanists and may not be provided for the adjudicator. The only exception to this rule is for music which is out of print or still in manuscript (not published). In this instance, the teacher must provide the student with a letter of permission from the publisher or copyright holder to copy the music. This letter of permission must be presented at the competition.
c. Reproduction of single pages may be used by an accompanist to facilitate page turns. (The original score must be visible on the music stand and/or music rack.) A monitor may examine all music of each entrant and the entrant's accompanist prior to the performance. Entrants who do not comply with the rules mentioned above will be permitted to perform for "critique only", provided all other competition requirements have been met.

1. Finalists will be selected at each of the two sites, as warranted. 
a. Piano Finalists will be chosen from each grade as warranted. 
b. Vocal and Orchestral Finalists will be chosen from grades 9-10 and 11-12 as warranted.
2. All Finalists selected will be required to compete in the State Competition Finals in Norman regardless of whether they face any competition in their performance area. There is no additional fee for the State Finals.
a. The date and location for the Sr. Competition Finals is posted on this website. Any finalist who fails to perform in the State Finals will not receive a Finalist trophy and will not be permitted to enter the Senior Competition in the same performance area (instrument) the following year.
3. All teachers of Finalists will be contacted via email at least one month in advance of the Finals. 
a. It is the responsibility of the teacher to inform the student of the performance time/details and to complete the emailed recital form with the student. The form asks for: contact information, preferred recital time during the state conference and the piece to be performed on the winners' recital should they be selected as a winner.
b. A student signature on the form is required, verifying that he/she agrees to perform if selected as a winner.
4. All Finalists will receive a finalist trophy when they perform at the State Finals.

1. At the Piano Finals, a winner will be selected from each grade, as warranted. The adjudicator may also select up to four additional winners from any of the grades, if warranted.
2. At the Voice and Orchestral Finals, up to two winners in each category (9th/10th) and (11th/12th) may be chosen as winners, if warranted.
3. Winners will receive a certificate at the Finals competition. A student may be selected for honorable mention if determined by the adjudicator.
4. All items must be picked up by the student, teacher or another designated person following the announcement of the results at the end of the competition. If no one is able to stay, the student should provide a self-addressed and stamped manila envelope for the chair to mail any comment sheets and/ or winners certificates.

1. All Winners selected at the Sr. Competition Finals are required to perform one of their two pieces on one of the Winners' Recitals during the OMTA State Conference.
a. A winner who fails to perform at the State Conference will not receive their monetary award and will not be permitted to enter the Senior Competition in the same performance category the following year.
2. All winners will receive a $75 award following their performance on one of the two Winners' Recitals at the State Conference.