State Achievement Audition


Audition Date: May 17-18, 2019- University of Oklahoma, Norman

State Achievement Audition Times will be posted on the website on Monday, April 29, 2019. Schedule change requests will be accepted between April 29th-May 4th. A revised schedule will be posted on the website on Friday, May 10th by midnight.

Postmark Entry Deadline: (7 days after the District Audition) -responsibility of the District Achievement Audition Chairs

State Audition Coordinator: Jennifer Jennings, NEW EMAIL:  [email protected] (Teachers may contact the coordinator by email only. No calls or emails accepted from parents/students.)


1. Responsible for repertoire selection at the District Achievement Audition. No repertoire changes are permitted between District and State Achievement Auditions.
2. Should a repertoire violation not be discovered until the State Achievement Coordinator receives the state entry, the Coordinator will:
a. Verify the repertoire performed at the District Audition with the Chair of
     that audition.
3. Should a repertoire violation not be discovered until the student's performance at the State Audition, the student may participate in the State Achievement Audition for 'critique only'. 'Critique only' does not qualify for any awards.
a. The monitor or adjudicator will notify the Coordinator of the State Achievement Audition of the violation.
b. The Coordinator will notify the Vice President for Auditions and Competitions
     of the violation, who will be in written communication with the teacher.
4. May not have contact with the adjudicator before, during, or after the audition.
5. Inform parents and students that they may not have contact with the adjudicator before, during or after the audition.
6. Inform parents and students that they may not contact OMTA audition chairs or officers. All contact between parents or students and OMTA is done through the teacher.
7. Audio and video recording violates copyright laws and is not permitted.


1. The student becomes eligible for the State Achievement Audition through participation in the District Achievement Audition. 
2. Solo Division
a. Must have received a I+, I, or I- rating at the District Audition.
b. Will perform the same repertoire as performed at the District Audition.
3. Merit Division
a. Must apply for Merit Division by naming a second repertoire piece on the District Achievement Entry Form.
b.  Must have received a I+ or I rating, and completed the theory test at the District Audition.
c. Must perform the second repertoire piece at the State Audition.
4. A student who signed up for the Merit Division, but who received I- at the District Audition, is not eligible for the Merit Division at the State Audition. The student may enter the Solo Division at the State Audition by performing the same repertoire piece performed at the District Audition.
5. The $25.00 entry fee for the State Audition must be paid in CASH ONLY at the District Achievement Audition.


1. Check in. Present music for examination.
2. Music will be checked for:
a. Repertoire requirement approval
b. Accuracy of reproduction of music
c. Original score for the adjudicator
d.  Removal of identifying names
e. Measures are numbered
3. Go to audition room and check in with monitor.
4. Following performance, take music and critique sheet to the Audition office for award(s). 


1. Solo Division
a. I+ rating: trophy
b. I rating: silver medallion
c. I- rating: bronze medallion
d. II rating: no award
e. III rating: no award
f. IV rating: no award
2. Merit Division
a. Same awards as for Solo Division
b. I+, I, and I- also receive a Merit Award
3. Clarence Burg Award: presented to students in grade 12 who have performed at the State Achievement Audition while in grades 9-12 with a rating no lower than I-. (I-, effective 2017 9th graders)
a. The teacher of a 12th grade student is responsible for giving the names of eligible students to the State Audition Coordinator within 7 days after the District Audition. 
a. The teacher will inform the State Coordinator if he/she was not the teacher of a student for all four years.
4. James M. Breckenridge Repertoire Award: presented to students for the performance of a piece from each of the four stylistic eras: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Impressionistic or Contemporary.
a. Stylistic guidelines are found in The Pianist's Guide to Standard Teaching and Performance Literature by Jane Magrath, Guide to the Pianist's Repertoire, 1st-4th editions by Maurice Hinson (and Wesley Roberts in the later editions), The New Groves Dictionary of Music and Musicians, and the MTNA Composer Classification List (Click here). 
b. Pieces may be played in any order and need not be in consecutive years.
c. State Achievement Audition critique sheets from the first three years and the District Achievement critique sheet from the fourth year must show a rating of I- or higher.
d. In the fourth year, and within seven days after the District Achievement Audition, the teacher must send the four critique sheets (see C. above) to the Vice President for Auditions and Competitions: Sandra Meyer, 1901 N. Bell Ave,Shawnee, OK 74804-3711. Alternate procedure: the teacher may email photos or scans of the critique sheets to Sandra Meyer at [email protected]
5. Claudia Busse Theory Award: presented to each graduating seniors who has taken the theory test beginning with level 8-9 and advancing each year to the next level for 4 consecutive years. The minimum grade for each year is 80.  Questions? Contact Patty Ann Harvey [email protected]
6. OMTA Theory Progress Award: presented to each graduating senior who has taken the theory test for five consecutive years beginning at the minimum of Level 4 and advancing a level each year. This award is for outstanding progress in theory and the minimum grade each year must be 90%. This award will benefit late beginners and instrumental and voice students. Questions? Contact Patty Ann Harvey [email protected]

OMTA Rating System for Piano (PDF)
OMTA Rating System for Strings (PDF)
OMTA Rating System for Voice (PDF)
OMTA Rating System for Winds (PDF)


1. The adjudicator must hear all of the memorized piece to award a rating.
2. The quality of the performance determines the rating, rather than length or difficulty of the piece.
3. Adjudicators consider: articulation, phrasing, dynamics, tempo, steady beat, correct pedaling, rhythm, style, composer's intentions, and memorization.
4. An adjudicator who determines the repertoire does not satisfy repertoire requirements will:
a. Write a critique with a rating without mentioning repertoire to the student
b. Identify the student on the adjudicator's audition schedule.
c. Without interrupting the audition schedule, the adjudicator will discreetly notify the State Achievement Coordinator of the violation.
5. The decision of the adjudicator is final. It may not be questioned by the teacher, student or parent.


No refund will be given for entry fees if an OMTA audition or competition must be cancelled due to inclement weather.

Suggested Judging Guidelines For District and State Achievement Auditions (PDF)

Gothic Hall, Catlett Music Center
   The Catlett Music Center at OU