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2022 OMTA Conference Schedule

OMTA State Conference, June 3-4, 2022
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Tulsa- Warren Place
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Friday, June 3, 2022

8:00-5:00Registration- Salon Foyer A 
8:30-9:30College Faculty Forum: Sergio Monteiro- Salon E/F
Discovering Music of Three Brazilian Composers: Henrique Oswald, Lorenzo Fernández, and Heitor Villa-Lobos”- While the name of Villa-Lobos will be familiar to most musicians, an exploration of the music of Henrique Oswald (which Dr. Monteiro has recorded on his critically-acclaimed album for the Grand Piano label) and Lorenzo Fernández might provide the first encounter with these fascinating composers, and be helpful in expanding our teaching.
9:30-10:00Exhibits/Hospitality- Salon Foyer E 
10:00-11:00Session: Jared Rixstine- Salon C/D
“Accidents, Mistakes, and Success: Understanding Self-Efficacy and the Language of Learning”
11:15-12:15Session: Michelle Sisler- Salon E/F
“The Dog Ate My Homework: Look Behind the Excuses.”
12:30-1:30Luncheon- Salon A/B 
1:15-1:35Mini-Session: Richard Fountain, Ken Freeman, Bryan Elmore- Salon C/D
“21st Century Piano Teaching and Collaboration with Steinway’s Spirio l r”
1:45-2:15 Premiere of Work by 2022 Commissioned Composer- Jacob Dickerson- Salon E/F
2:30-3:30Session: Catherine Rollin- Salon C/D
“The Magic of Imagery”- In this session, Catherine explores how incorporating imagery into our teaching can help lead to magical results. Using many musical examples, she will explore how song, dance, story-telling, instrumental and art imagery can help us lead our students to colorful, committed and convincing performances.
3:30-4:00Collegiate Members: “Meet and Greet”- Catherine Rollin- Salon A/B
Exhibits/Hospitality- Salon Foyer E 
4:00-5:00Student Winners Recital- Salon E/F 
5:30-6:00Happy Hour- Salon A/B 
6:00-7:30 Banquet and Awards Ceremony- Salon A/B 
8:00Guest Artist Recital: Stephen Beus- Salon E/F 

Saturday, June 4, 2022

7:30-8:30Past Presidents’ Breakfast- Warren Duck Club Restaurant 
8:00-4:30Registration-Salon Foyer A 
8:30-9:30Session: Catherine Rollin- Salon C/D
“Technique and Artistry: You Can’t Have One Without the Other” – In this session, Catherine demonstrates the importance of understanding technique and how intertwined good technique is with the ultimate artistic performance of music. She will also demonstrate how we can help our students to understand and incorporate technical skills from elementary through advanced literature. Using examples from masterworks such as Bach, Beethoven, Chopin as well as pedagogical literature, Catherine will explore a wide variety of techniques of legato touch including super scale skills. She will also demonstrate several detached touches. Throughout, she will emphasize the importance of arm weight to achieve tonal beauty and melodic shaping while also maintaining a relaxed arm.
9:30-10:00Exhibits/Hospitality- Salon Foyer E 
10:00-11:00Session: Stephen Beus- Salon C/D
“What’s in a Hairpin? Working Toward a Deeper Understanding of Chopin’s Notation”- Most of us learned how to read music when we were quite young, and it is easy for us to take for granted that we understand what commonly used words and symbols mean. So, it can be confusing to learn that- for example- the terms “diminuendo” and “decrescendo” mean slightly different things in Schubert, or that the marking “sfz” in Haydn’s music could mean to play especially soft or even with rubato. Another example of musical notation that has often been misunderstood and misinterpreted is Chopin’s hairpins (crescendo and decrescendo forks). In this presentation we will briefly examine the history of musical hairpins and then look at what Chopin meant by them.
11:15-12:15 Master Class: Catherine Rollin- Salon E/F 
12:30-1:45Luncheon/ Business Meeting Salon A/B 
2:00-3:00Master Class: Stephen Beus-Salon E/F 
3:00-3:30Exhibits- Salon Foyer E
3:30-4:30Student Winners Recital- Salon E/F 
4:30 Closing Remarks- Salon E/F
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