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2023 OMTA Conference Schedule

OMTA State Conference, June 2-3, 2023
University of Oklahoma
Norman, Oklahoma

Thursday, June 1, 2023

7:30 pmNorman Philharmonic Concert (Sharp Hall) Post- Concert Refreshments provided by NAMTA
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Friday, June 2, 2023

8:00-5:00Registration-(Gothic Hall) 
8:30-9:20Session: College Faculty Forum-(Pitman Hall) 
10:00-11:00Session: E. L. Lancaster/ Gayle Kowalchyk-“Developing Skills for a Lifetime of Musical Enjoyment”-(Pitman Hall) 
11:15-12:15Faculty Showcase Recital-(Sharp Hall) 
12:30-1:30Luncheon-(Orchestra Room) 
1:30-1:50Premiere of Work by 2023 Commissioned Composer-(Pitman Hall)
2:00-3:00 Session: Hayden Coie-“Jack Frederick Kilpatrick: Piano Music by Oklahoma’s Cherokee Composer”-(Pitman Hall) 
Collegiate Research Posters-(TBD)
3:30-4:30Student Winners Recital-(Sharp Hall)
5:30-6:00Happy Hour-(OU Art Museum) 
6:00-7:30Banquet and Awards Ceremony-(OU Art Museum) 
8:00OMTA Guest Artist Recital: Artina McCain-(Sharp Hall) 

Saturday, June 3, 2023

7:30-8:30Past Presidents’ Breakfast-(TBD) 
8:00-4:00Registration-(Gothic Hall) 
9:00-10:00Session: E. L. Lancaster/ Gayle Kowalchyk- “Introducing Repertoire and Other Teaching Tips that Last for a Lifetime”- (Pitman Hall) 
Collegiate Members-“Meet and Greet” with E. L. Lancaster/ Gayle Kowalchyk
10:30-11:30Session: Artina McCain-“Who’s That? Creating a New Standard Repertoire”-(Pitman Hall) 
11:45-1:15Luncheon/Business Meeting-(OU Art Museum) 
1:30-2:15Student-Led Sessions:
Emily Barr-“Let’s Play: Concept Based Learning Through Musical Games”
David Mach/ Mimi Zhang- “Discovering Tailleferre: Underrepresented Piano Duet and Two-Piano Repertoire of Germaine Tailleferre:
2:45-3:45Master Class: Artina McCain-(Pitman Hall)
4:00-5:00Student Winners Recital-(Sharp Hall) 
5:00Closing Remarks-(Sharp Hall)
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