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District Adjudicators

Steps to follow for OMTA Achievement Audition Adjudicators

Step 1: Please fill out the following forms. 

W-9 Form- via HelloWorks(to fill out a W-9)
Adjudicator Contract- In State

Step 2: Make sure to familiarize yourself with the rating system.

OMTA Rating System for Piano
OMTA Rating System for Strings
OMTA Rating System for Voice
OMTA Rating System for Winds

FOR ALL ADJUDICATORS Adjudicator Guidelines

  • The adjudicator must hear all of the composition to award a rating.
  • The quality of the performance determines the rating rather than the length or difficulty of the composition.
  • For each performance, adjudicators consider the following: articulation, phrasing, tempo, steady beat, correct pedaling, rhythm, style, composer’s intentions, and memorization where applicable.
  • An adjudicator who determines that a composition does not satisfy repertoire requirements will:
       1) Notify the State Achievement Chair of the violation.
       2) Write a critique with a rating without mentioning repertoire to the student.
  • The decision of the adjudicator is final. The decision may not be questioned by the teacher, student, or parent. 
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