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State Conference 2024- June 7-8, University of Oklahoma

Ratings & Performance Awards

  • The OMTA rating system: I+, I, I-, II, III, and IV
  • The quality of the performance determines the rating, rather than the length or difficulty. Adjudicators will be guided in their remarks by the following applicable considerations:
    • Interpretation: style, tempo, dynamic control, phrasing
    • Technique: rhythmic and note accuracy, articulation, intonation, tone
    • Memorization
    • Stage presence
    • Artistic maturity
  • The student is responsible for playing the entire piece at the discretion of the adjudicator.
  • The decision of the adjudicator is final. It may not be questioned by the teacher, student, or parent. 
  • Students in the Solo Division and the Merit Division receiving a I+, I, or I- rating will receive a medal and will advance to the State Achievement Audition.
  • Merit Division students receiving a I- rating at District will advance to the State Achievement Audition, however, students will be changed to the Solo Division category and will be performing the District composition at State.
  • If a student does not qualify for the State Achievement Audition (rating of II or lower at the District Achievement Audition), it is the responsibility of the teacher to submit a refund request before April 30. CLICK HERE for the refund request form.
  • The award, critique sheet, and music must be picked up by the student, the teacher, or another designated person. Items will not be mailed to the entrant or the teacher.


OMTA Rating System for Piano (PDF)
OMTA Rating System for Strings (PDF)
OMTA Rating System for Voice (PDF)
OMTA Rating System for Winds (PDF)

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