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Claudia Busse Theory Award Form

OMTA Claudia Busse Theory Award – DEADLINE April 30th

This award will be presented to each graduating senior who has taken the theory test for four consecutive years (starting in the 9th grade) and has advanced each year to the next level. Two theory levels may be taken in one year to meet the test grade requirements. Students may not receive both the OMTA Claudia Busse Theory Award AND the OMTA Theory Progress Award.

1. Starting theory level must be level 8 or 9
2. Three test grades 80% or higher
3. One test grade 75% or above
4. Average score of the four tests must be 80% or higher

The form below must be filled out and submitted in order for the student to receive this award at the State Achievement Audition by April 30th.

COVID-19: OMTA will accept three years of scores instead of four years for audition years 2020-2023. Students who were unable to take the 2020 OMTA Theory Test due to COVID-19 will receive an exemption for that year. This exemption is for High School students only. 

Questions? Contact, Terri Hlubek.

OMTA Claudia Busse Theory Award Nomination Form

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