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State Conference 2024- June 7-8, University of Oklahoma

Theory Test

Theory Coordinators

Davis Dorrough, Theory Chair,
Terri Hlubek,
Jennifer Jennings,

Test Sites

  • The theory tests are administered by teachers- CLICK HERE.
  • Theory Tests will be available to teachers on February 12th
  • In-person student tests are due to the teacher’s District Chair by April 1. More details CLICK HERE
  • E-Achievement students’ tests are due to Emma Gee, E-Achievement Chair, by March 15. More details- CLICK HERE

Available Tests

  • Theory tests are currently available for piano (levels 1-13), violin (levels 1-8), viola (levels 3-8), flute (levels 3-8), and clarinet (levels 3-8). 

Teacher Eligibility

See District Achievement Audition Teacher Eligibility Click Here

Student Eligibility

  • Students in grades K-12 may take the Theory Test as a performance entrant in the District Achievement Audition
  • Students may enter Theory Only in the District Achievement Audition. 
  • It is recommended that students possess adequate reading skills before taking the level 1 theory exam. If necessary, a teacher may read the exam to the student.

General Guidelines

  • Students must take the OMTA theory test using a pencil and a printed version of the test. Using a tablet and stylus does not produce a clean enough result for accurate grading.
  • Only the theory test designated for the current year should be submitted. Practice tests from previous years will not be accepted.
  • In addition to getting each test answer correct, students are expected to correctly notate all music symbols. Failing to do this will result in the answer being marked wrong. (For example, correct placement of accidentals, the direction of flags and stems, the correct direction of accents and other symbols, etc.)

Theory Test Level

  • The teacher will determine the test level for each student. 
  • Students may skip levels, but students working toward Claudia Busse and Theory Progress awards may not skip levels.
  • Level 1 will be only for those students in school grades 1st through 3rd unless it is the student’s first year of study (A kindergarten student who has prepared for and can read the Level 1 theory test is allowed to take Level 1). 
  • Level 2 will be limited to those students in 2nd through 6th grades unless it is the student’s first year of study.
  • Students who score 75 or above will advance to the next level the following year. Students who score below 75 may repeat the same level, may drop to the next lower test level, or advance to the next level.

Entry Procedures

  • Teachers will enroll students on the District Achievement entry form. The theory entry fee for students participating in the Solo or Merit Division is included in the performance entry fee.
  • The fee for Theory Only is $5.00. Theory Only entries must be on the official District Achievement Audition entry form.

Theory Study Guidelines

  • Theory Study Guidelines are available on the Theory Page. CLICK HERE
  • It is the responsibility of the teacher to teach any sign or symbol associated with the concepts presented in each category within the theory level.
  • Piano and Voice entrants will use the Guidelines for Levels 1-13 for the written portion of the test. 
  • Flute entrants will use the Flute Guidelines, Levels 3-8, for the written portion of the test.
  • String entrants will use the String Guidelines, Violin (Levels 1-8), Viola (Levels 3-8), for the written portion of the test.
  • Examples in the aural portion of the test will be played on the piano for all entrants.


The theory test score determines the awards given to the entrants.

Level 1-13

  • Grade of 100-large certificate and pin
  • Grade of 90-99-blue ribbon
  • Grade of 80-89-red ribbon

Claudia Busse Theory Award

Teachers are responsible for submitting the online application by April 30- CLICK HERE.

OMTA Theory Progress Award

Teachers are responsible for submitting the online application by April 30- CLICK HERE

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