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All OMTA Committee Members:

Auditions and Competitions Committee (2022-2024)

Jessica Headley – Vice President for Auditions and Competitions, Co-Chair (’22)
Jennifer Walschap- Vice President for Auditions and Competitions, Co- Chair(’22)
Karen Harmon – Coordinator for MTNA Composition Competitions (’17) and OMTA Composition Festival (’16)
Michael Dean – Coordinator for Junior Competitions (’22)
Marji Fint – Coordinator for OMTA Collegiate/MTNA Performance Piano, Instrumental, and Voice Competitions (’18)
Mary Sallee – Coordinator for Senior Competition and Marilyn Witcher Junior Honor Competition (’12)  
Jennifer Jennings – Coordinator for District and State Achievement Auditions (’15)
Emma Gee – Coordinator for E-District and E-State Achievement Auditions(’22)
Davis Dorrough -Theory Chair(’22)
Kathy Wilson – Coordinator for Adjudication (’17)
Danny Calhoun – President, ex officio

Commissioned Composer Committee (2022-2024)

Jeremy Titsworth- Chair(’22)
Noam Faingold – East District Representative (’16)
Stuart Deaver – East District Representative (’15)
Steve Betts – West District Representative (’16)
– West District Representative (’22)
Danny Calhoun- President, ex officio

Communications Committee (2022-2024)

Terri Hlubek – Vice President for Communications Chair (18′) and Webmaster
Laurie Lightbody – SoundWave Newsletter Editor (’18)
Danny Calhoun – President, ex officio

Distinguished Teacher Committee

Michael Dean- Immediate Past President and Chair
Thomas Lanners (’16)
Danny Calhoun– President, ex officio 

Ethics Committee

Michael Dean – Immediate Past President and Chair                   
Danny Calhoun – East District Representative
Terri Hlubek – West District Representative
Barb Fast – West District Representative
Danny Calhoun, President, ex officio

Finance Committee (2022-2024)

William Spannagel, Treasurer, Chair (’22)
JP Murphy, President-Elect (’22)
Michael Dean- Immediate Past President (’22)
Charlotte Dumesnil, OMTA Fellow Chair (’22))
Cynthia Pullin, MTNA Foundation Chair (’22)
Karen Harrington, Investment Accounts Administrator (’20)
Terri Hlubek, West District Representative (’16)
Danny Calhoun, President, ex officio

Membership Committee (2022-2024)

Deanna Calhoun – Vice President for Membership, Chair (’22)
Beverly Fitch – Data Entry (’16)
Igor Lipinski – College Faculty Forum Chair (’20)
Jyejin Cho – Collegiate Chapter Chair (’22)
Kari Jones- Social Media Chair (’22)
Terri Hlubek – Coordinator for MTNA Certification and West District/ East District Representative (’14)
Kathy Thompson – West District Representative (’18)
Danny Calhoun, President, ex officio

MTNA Foundation Committee (2022-2024)

Cynthia Pullin – Chair (’22)
Danny Calhoun, President, ex officio

Nominating Committee

Michael Dean – Immediate Past President, Chair
Terri Hlubek – West District, Past President
Barb Fast- West District, Past President
Michael Dean – East District, President
Deanna Calhoun – East District Representative

Theory Committee (2022-2024)

Davis Dorrough – Chair – The Inner Circle (’19-’24)
Jennifer Jennings – The Inner Circle (’19-’24)
Terri Hlubek –The Inner Circle (’19-’24)
Regina Chase – (levels 3-4) (’19)
Dephanie Lilite – ( levels 9-10) (’16)
Omar Roy – (levels 11-12) (’19)
Clara Hassen – (levels 1-2) (’19)
Christy Kiespert – (levels 7-8) (’19)
Jessica Headley / Jennifer Walschap- Co-Vice Presidents for Auditions and Competitions, ex officio
Danny Calhoun – President, ex officio

Council of Past Presidents (2022-2024)

Michael Dean – Immediate Past President, Chair
Heather Lanners
Karen Harrington
Barb Fast
Terri Hlubek
Sandra Meyer
Sylvia Ryan
Mary Sallee
Ron Lewis
Ann Gipson
Philelle McBrayer

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