The Oklahoma Music Teachers Association is a non-profit organization comprised almost entirely of volunteers. The organization runs a large number of competitions and auditions throughout the year aimed at encouraging and supporting young musicians in their study. Annual conferences provide performance opportunities for students and avenues of professional growth for our members. As an affiliate of the Music Teachers National Association our teachers are among the most skilled and dedicated in the field.

The purpose of the OMTA is to elevate the standards of music instruction in Oklahoma and establish a closer relationship among the music teachers of the state. In 2014 OMTA will be holding its 85th annual conference and celebrating its 60th year of affiliation with Music Teachers National Association.

Our funding comes from a variety of sources, including application fees for our events, advertising revenue from our website and annual State Conference program book, and donations from our members and others in support of our activities and our designated MTNA Foundation Fellow.

When you contribute to OMTA, you are contributing to an organization that remains committed to high standards of music through its own certification program, teaching the next generation of students, and allowing as many as possible to enjoy the rewards of music. OMTA sponsors numerous auditions and competitions each year as well as instruction/testing in music theory and aural awareness. The district and state conferences allow many opportunities for musical growth for students through public performance and professional growth for their teachers through attendance at workshops and artist recitals. Seventeen local associations throughout the state provide additional opportunities for students to participate in various types of noncompetitive music festivals and musical outreach.

Online Donation Form (Donate by Credit Card)

MTNA Foundation Fellow

The Music Teachers National Association Foundation Fellow program offers a meaningful method for honoring deserving individuals while supporting the efforts of the MTNA Foundation Fund through a donation to the Foundation Fund in an individual’s name.

Each year new MTNA Fellows are recognized at the MTNA National Conference. Fellows receive a complimentary ticket to the Gala, an attractive MTNA Fellow certificate and pin. Also, new Fellows are prominently recognized on the Foundation Fund website and their names will appear on a plaque located at the MTNA National Headquarters. A press release will be sent to media outlets selected by the Fellow.
In the event that a Fellow is unable to attend the MTNA national conference, the certificate and pin will be sent to the Fellow from national headquarters and the local and/or state affiliate will be encouraged to recognize the Fellow.

There are two ways to contribute to the designated MTNA Foundation Fellow.

Online Option (Donate by Credit Card):

Go to the Online Donation Form.

1. Scroll down to where you see "Fellow" and type in the Fellow’s name.
2. Then scroll down to where it says in bold: “Please complete the information below" and put in your information.
3. This is a secure site where you can also put in your credit card information. Note that although it starts with $50.00 you can scroll a little further down and put in another amount $50.00 is not the minimum contribution amount).

Download, Print and Mail Option (Donate by Check)

Access the download, print and mail form here.

1. Fill out the form, print, and follow the directions for mailing.
2. Make your check out to the MTNA Foundation Fund.
3. Be sure to designate what your check is for in the memo line. If you don’t put anything there, the money goes to the general fund. That’s fine if you want to do that, but…if you want to donate to the Foundation Fellow, please put the name of the current OMTA Foundation Fellow in the memo line.