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Band & Orchestral Instruments Requirements

The following guidelines are for District and State repertoire. Students who do not meet these requirements will be performing for “Critique Only.”

  • Memorization is not required
  • Repertoire written with accompaniment must be performed with an accompanist. Teachers may accompany their students. No recorded accompaniments. Performances must be live. Recorded accompaniments will be allowed for E-Achievement Auditions.

Acceptable repertoire

  • Arrangements, adaptation, and transcriptions are accepted.
  • Multi-movements from a multi-movement work will be accepted as one composition. All variations must be performed in a theme and variation work.
  • A group of pieces taken from a collection by the same composer is not considered a multi-movement work and only one piece will be accepted on the entry form.
  • Compositions may not be cut or altered except for dot repeats. First endings may be cut following a D.S. or D.C. repeat.

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