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State Conference 2024- June 7-8, University of Oklahoma

Piano Repertoire Requirements

Piano Repertoire Requirements

The following guidelines are for District and State repertoire. Students who do not meet these requirements will be performing for “Critique Only.”

  • Memorization is required.
  • Compositions from method books are strongly discouraged.

Acceptable repertoire

  • Only original solo piano repertoire is accepted.
  • Music must be at least 16 measures in length excluding two-dot repeats.
  • Compositions may not be cut or altered except for dot repeats. First endings may be cut following a D.S. or D.C. repeat.
  • Transcriptions of major works must have prior approval from the District Chair if the piece is not listed in The Pianist’s Guide to Standard Teaching and Performance Literature by Jane Magrath, Piano Literature for Teaching and Performance by Jane Magrath or is not listed in Guide to the Pianist’s Repertoire (through 4th edition) by Maurice Hinson/Wesley Roberts.
  • Multi-movements from a multi-movement work will be accepted as one composition. All variations must be performed in a theme and variation work.

Not acceptable repertoire

  • Concertos
  • Pre-reading off-staff music
  • Arrangements, simplified arrangements, or adaptations of original solo music
  • Popular music, hymns, folk songs, orchestra reductions, and adaptations of vocal repertoire
  • A group of pieces taken from a collection by the same composer is not considered a multi-movement work and only one piece will be accepted on the entry form
  • Pieces for prepared piano
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